Żegluga Szczecińska Sp. z o.o. owns the following quays:

  • Passenger Quay,
  • SNOP Quay,
  • HUK Canal Quay.

If you are a sailor looking for new, interesting berthing spots, visit the Passenger Quay on the scenic Chrobry Embankment in Szczecin.

The quay has a total length of 314 metres and can accommodate vessels with a draft of up to 5.0 metres, including sea-going vessels.

Located in the most representative part of Szczecin, the quay ensures easy access to the city's attractive tourist and entertainment spots.

Żegluga Szczecińska has operated the following city quays since 1/10/2012:

  • The Old City
  • Oder Boulevard
  • Elbląg Boulevard
  • Beniowski Boulevard
  • Gdańsk Boulevard
  • Green Canal Boulevard
  • Abutment of the Port Bridge
  • Abutment of the Customs Bridge
  • Cegielinka
  • Regalica Quay
  • Piast Boulevard (since completing the investment project)
  • Gdynia Boulevard (since completing the investment project)
Passenger quay – PRICE LIST:

Ship's berth at the quay for 24 hours:

ships with a length of 91-100m > 280 EURO/day

ships with a length of 80-90m > 260 EURO/day

ships with a length of 50-80m > 200 EURO/day

ships 30-50m long > 120 EURO/day

units less than 30m long > 1 EURO/ 1 metre/day

Every next day starting:

vessels with a length of 80-90m > 110 EURO/day

ships with a length of 50-80m > 90 EURO/day

ships 30-50m long > 50 EURO/day

Ships not listed in the schedule, occasional stops for ships, additional services > prices will be set on an ongoing basis.

inland freight vessels up to 60 mb > 25 PLN/day

yachts, motor boats - 1 m current -> 1 EURO/ 4 PLN/day

Sailing yachts, motor yachts are more than 30 days' berth:

5m-10m > 350 PLN/ month

11m-15m > 400 PLN/ month

16m-30m > 450 PLN/ month

Warships, hydrographic and school ships are exempt from payment of the fees mentioned above, as well as other vessels entering the port, provided that the purpose of entry into port is notified in advance and that no commercial or transhipment operations are carried out:

  • to receive medical assistance for a sick crew member or passenger,
  • looking for shelter from the weather.

The fees are exclusive of VAT.

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